Gábor Farkas

The problem with url shorteners

Today i've seen on twitter an interesting post by Mark Pilgrim, but when i tried to read the linked webpage, i got this instead: is.gd is down.

Of course the site got back up again after a while, but anyway i think this nicely illustrates the problem with the url-shorteners: you add another point of failure to the chain.


My problem with Mono

Lately it seems Mono is gaining momentum in the gnome world. Most of the opponents are either real-men-use-C people or microsoft-is-evil believers.

my problem with Mono is more "personal". my problem with mono is this file:



but, but, maybe it's just the name.. let's ask "file" :

$ file /usr/lib/banshee-1/Banshee.exe
/usr/lib/banshee-1/Banshee.exe: PE32 executable for MS Windows (console) Intel 80386 32-bit Mono/.Net assembly

cool, so it's a ms-windows executable.. how nice...

i won't even mention the 13 DLL files in /usr/lib/banshee-1...

of course, i understand that it's convenient to have the dot-net applications in the EXE format on windows....

but for me, just by being there, the EXE and DLL files keep reminding me, that this technologoy (mono) is not really cross-platform... it's microsoft's, it was meant for windows, and we are just borrowing it.

i would be willing to accept it, if there isn't any other suitable language/runtime.. but there is.. why can't we just use a JVM? sun has a nicely tuned version, if people don't like Java, they can use Scala or one of the other million languages running on it...

p.s: technically, my language of choice is Python, but i can understand that it's speed might not be sufficient for desktop applications...


New beginning

I created a new blog (as you can see).

Why? Somehow, regardless what blog-engine i used (Wordpress, Drupal), i always had problems customizing them to be exactly like i wanted. And as i work with Django at work, i thought i could quickly create a really simple blog application, which i could completely tune to my needs. As it seems i was right, except the part about "quickly" :) (but that's because i'm lazy)

I did not migrate any posts from the old blog, because i don't think they are important anymore, and some of them are plain wrong (like my posts about my steps in the japanese language). I added some redirects for the rss/atom feeds, so if someone was fetching them in the past, they should be redirected to the new url (atom only, so i hope the rss-readers can cope with being redirected to an atom feed :-).

New beginning, new layout. I wanted a minimalistic look, which i tried to achieve by (badly) stealing styling from sites like www.jacobian.org or www.b-list.org :)

I also wanted to make this site completely HTML (meaning NOT XHTML) (for the reasons, read this document by Ian Hickson, but for a short version: if you want XHTML, you must use the content-type "application/xhtml+xml", which you cannot do because Internet Explorer does not handle it). It was fairly easy, the biggest change was that <br/> becomes <br> (for this i had to do some post-processing on the markdown-filter in django), and <input/> becomes <input> (which, again, needed some customization of django's form-field html-output). I'll probably later go and make sure these problems are reported in the django-tickets.

This all is of course always work in progress, i'll probably later add some form of tagging, and maybe javascript-assisted comment-previewing.. we'll see..