Gábor Farkas

New beginning

I created a new blog (as you can see).

Why? Somehow, regardless what blog-engine i used (Wordpress, Drupal), i always had problems customizing them to be exactly like i wanted. And as i work with Django at work, i thought i could quickly create a really simple blog application, which i could completely tune to my needs. As it seems i was right, except the part about "quickly" :) (but that's because i'm lazy)

I did not migrate any posts from the old blog, because i don't think they are important anymore, and some of them are plain wrong (like my posts about my steps in the japanese language). I added some redirects for the rss/atom feeds, so if someone was fetching them in the past, they should be redirected to the new url (atom only, so i hope the rss-readers can cope with being redirected to an atom feed :-).

New beginning, new layout. I wanted a minimalistic look, which i tried to achieve by (badly) stealing styling from sites like www.jacobian.org or www.b-list.org :)

I also wanted to make this site completely HTML (meaning NOT XHTML) (for the reasons, read this document by Ian Hickson, but for a short version: if you want XHTML, you must use the content-type "application/xhtml+xml", which you cannot do because Internet Explorer does not handle it). It was fairly easy, the biggest change was that <br/> becomes <br> (for this i had to do some post-processing on the markdown-filter in django), and <input/> becomes <input> (which, again, needed some customization of django's form-field html-output). I'll probably later go and make sure these problems are reported in the django-tickets.

This all is of course always work in progress, i'll probably later add some form of tagging, and maybe javascript-assisted comment-previewing.. we'll see..